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Five complimentary services for car hire East Africa

There are many car hire agencies in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda which offer complementary services to a traveller to enjoy the adventure around East Africa. A great deal is done to make their trip the best at all costs whereby they offer 4×4 car rental services, do transfers, quality and affordable car services among others. If you have a vacation so close, their car hire agencies in East Africa at your service. Car hire in Uganda offers complementary services which include;

  • Car rentals

They offer a good fleet of cars at affordable and friendly best rates. The prices are sometimes negotiable and the company also offers discounts during a low season, regular clients and those renting for many days. There is a comprehensive selection of cars offered which are hired for self-drive and chauffeur drive. These kinds of cars include Toyota Prado, Land cruiser, minivans, Hiace super custom, saloon cars best for a wildlife safari, adventure safari, a visit to the national parks and other tour visits to the pearl of Africa.

  • A travel map

A Uganda travel map is offered by the car hire agency in East Africa like 4×4 Tanzania and 4×4 Uganda Ltd to the client in the rented car. This enables the traveller to keep track of the location of hotels, tourist destination, restaurants and many interesting places in the great pearl of Africa a traveller’s spot. It comes as an offer from the car hire companies to help out with clients who hire cars for self-drive safaris around East Africa. A travel map will let you know the location and calculate the travel distance.

  • GPS Device (offered on request)

If you are having a vacation knocking on the doorway yet hour unfamiliar with the destination, worry not because the car hire companies such as 4×4 Tanzania to have a package ready for you to unveil. It offers a car to drive with a GPS navigation system which will enable you to access locations, retrieve necessary information about the weather condition and time of all destinations. With the help of this navigation device, your trip will be lived to remember since you’re always driving on the right in an unfamiliar area.

Tourists tend to use mobile phone GPS which at times get disconnected when they descend to the far ends of rural East Africa due to the poor network coverage. But with a digitalized era in developing GPS with East African maps are working better than mobile.

  • Hourly rental

If you are in great need of a vehicle for a few hour drive in East Africa, look out for any car hire agencies on websites. Complementary services of hourly rental cars are rented for shopping, drop off at a nearby town. This hourly rental is only offered to those travelling within Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and other nearby places in East African countries. You are given to choose from the available car fleets suitable for an hourly drive in any car hire company.

Elephants in Tarangire National Park Tanzania

Elephants in Tarangire National Park Tanzania

  • Camping gears

Many tourists love camping adventures and any tourist who has been longing to take a safari should not hassle since camping gears are provided at affordable rates and for one to choose these equipments, it has to depend on the type of trip in one’s mind. These camping gears include; tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs, cooking utensils, cutlery, flashlights, lanterns and lead lamps.

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