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Etiquettes For A Safari in East Africa

Are you planning to spend your next safari holiday in any of the East African countries, say, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda or Burundi and you do not know which rules to follow? Well, undertaking a safari to any of African destinations means that you will be spending most of your time in the van or safari vehicle that most of you are likely to share with others. To be on the safer side and that you have the most enjoyable trip in your life, the following car etiquettes are worth taking note of.

  • Wildlife viewing

While on a game drive in any savanna park, never dream to view lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and other big game while on foot like it may be a case with zoos or it is a case with mountain gorilla and chimpanzee trekking.

The park guide/driver guides are trained and they are knowledgeable about where to find any wild animals that you have ever wished to catch a glimpse at while on safari in East Africa although you won’t be guaranteed to view everything at once. A safari at the park or reserves means you are in extensive areas and spotting wildlife becomes unpredictable.

To have the most enjoyable trip, it is better that you communicate all that you wish to enjoy to your tour guide in advance. In case of shared game drives, make sure that you have respect for your other colleagues who may make a stop to also catch a glimpse at what you already saw. At the same time, make sure that you don’t make your driver make stop each time you spot out one impala and the rest of the members aren’t interested.Lion Chasing A Wildebeest - Serengeti National Park

The vehicles recommended for wildlife viewing are those with open roof, or pop-up roof for excellent viewing of animals and photographing. 4×4 Uganda and 4×4 Tanzania Limited have a wide fleet of 4×4 car rentals in Uganda and Tanzania (Arusha) respectively.

  • Remain in the car

Safaris at savanna parks/reserves of East Africa aren’t like tracking chimpanzees or mountain gorillas which involve walking through the forest. With game drive, you will have a chance to encounter the big game and it may not be safer for you to take a walk in an area where hyenas, lions, buffaloes, leopards are crowded otherwise they will feast on you. Before taking any walk, make sure or find out if it is safer for you.

  • Leave your cell phone back at the lodge

While setting off for your game drive or nature walk, make sure that your cell phones remain at your respective lodge. In most cases, you will share your safari with others and it hurts to see a person chatting to friends/texting and others are trying to make the best use of their safaris to experience what they came for and you are interrupting. You can text your friends about your experience when you get back to the lodge after the game drive.

  • Mute the camera

Avoid editing or deleting pictures from the camera as a way to create space for others while on a game drive on East African Safari. Constant digital beeping irritates and can spoil the natural sounds in the wild and other cameras tend to beep and whirr as you zoom in and out.

Most importantly, you can edit and mess with your pictures when you return to your respective camp/safari lodge. In case you are running short of space, make sure that you delete some shots early or simply mute the camera.

  • Lower down your voice

African safaris are usually place for visitors to socialize however, while on a game drive try to lower your voice a fact that these wild animals also hear and much noise can make them disorganized. In case someone is taking a video, avoid conversations and simply keep silent to allow him or her to have the best footage. And for some of you who have been on safari previously, avoid disorganizing others with what you know. You can keep all that you know inside you otherwise you will distract others as they enjoy their safari.

  • Travelling with children below 10 years

In case you are planning to set off for East-African safari with your children, it is advisable that you get an exclusive car, especially for a game drive. Note that game drives take long and in most cases, kids can get bored very fast. In order to avoid complaints from your colleagues who still desire to explore, a short private game drive can be the best for you and your children. Simply contact us and we shall help you arrange a family trip.

  • Travelling with gifts

Gifts are welcome but make sure that you follow the set guidelines. Giving children gifts/purchasing trinkets from children is one way to make them leave education as they keep in mind that tourists will bring more in the near future. Never come with sweets for children/gifts for people unless you know them. However, you can offer help in another way by donating cash in most of the community-based tourism organs/projects set by community members to promote tourism and conservation of wildlife.

  • Tipping

This is another significant thing that you shouldn’t forget. Make sure you at least give a tip to park guide, driver guide, waiters, waitresses and others as a way to appreciate their service. This will help add on the little that they earn and be in a position to meet basic needs back at home.

Also, try to be polite and don’t be rude, don’t pack everything including kitchen sink, carry prescribed medication and where a possible check for yellow fever and vaccinate against it.

In conclusion, safari in Uganda is amazing and adventurous however the above-listed rules should be put into consideration if you are to have the most enjoyable and exciting vacation in life.


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