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Tanzania Travel Destinations – National Parks, Museums, Historical Sites

It is located about 29 kilometres away from Arusha town and Kilimanjaro International Airport; this makes it the best destination for one to undertake day tours and when you are at Moshi, it is 65 kilometres.

Chimps Tracking in Gombe Stream National park in Tanzania

This park is legendary for the Kasakela community of wild chimpanzees that were studied by Dr Jane Goodall for more than 50 years, leading to conservation of primate wildlife habitats

The Park features among the wildest and spectacular wildlife destinations in Tanzania. It is one of the least visited parks thus rewards visitors with true African experiences that you may not find anywhere in this country.
Kitulo National Park is locally famous as Bustani ya Mungu denoting the Garden of God and botanist describe it like the Serengeti of flowers. Kitulo National Park is truly a unique botanical marvel with over 350 vascular plant species
Best described as an area of endless plains, the Serengeti National Park covers an area of about 14.763 square kilometres making it one of the most extensive protected areas in Tanzania.
The Park is situated about 300 kilometres south of the Equator and in Kilimanjaro area. This protected area lies next to Moshi and covers the entire Mount Kilimanjaro as well as montane forest best above 1820 meters.
The 325 square kilometres protected area features the most breathtaking terrain comprising of open grasslands, forests and the dominant red western rift escarpments which offer the most spectacular backdrop to the Lake itself.
Tourists flock Tanzania’s Parks ignoring the beautiful Game Reserves yet they offer countless wildlife and bird species in addition to spectacular landscapes that cannot be seen even in the Parks that everyone rushes to.
Established in 1995, Mafia Island Marine Park features among the very few most attractive natural wonders in Tanzania. It was established mainly to offer refuge to most of its archipelago reefs.
The Park is situated on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma area. Mahale Mountains National Park and Katavi National Park are the 2 (two) incredible protected areas that are located in the extreme west of Tanzania.
Mikumi National Park shares its border and ecosystem with Selous Game Reserve to the south and it is 3 to 4 hours’ drive from Dar-es-salaam.
Ruaha National Park is situated in southern Tanzania and features among the very few most spectacular and untapped National Parks in East Africa.