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East Africa Car Rental Tips

Plan your city travel in advance- pre-book your car hire- enjoy your travel

Although there are lots of means of ground transportation that can be used while travelling in a certain city like bus, taxi, train but what stands out most is the car rentals. Despite travelling as the only one passenger in the car, you are guaranteed of comfort, safety and convenience while travelling. There is also an option of also driving yourself if you wish to. You will have peace of mind when you use car hire services as you have the privacy.

However, you are supposed to plan your travel in advance in order to yield the fruits of using car hire services while travelling. These are some of the guidelines you have to follow to enjoy your travel with car hire services.

First of all, confirm the dates when you will be travelling or having your holidays and the place where you are going to have your vacation. By having the above particulars you will know whether you need a car for hire or not and also what type of car you will need on your travel

After knowing the place you will be travelling to then hit the internet and search for the various car rental companies in that particular area you will be travelling to. There are lots of car hire companies on the internet but look at those companies with good customer reviews on TripAdvisor, and/or lonely plane because they are most likely to give you the best car hire service.

After making scrutiny about the car hire companies, look at the wide range of services they provide. Normally these companies offer services like airport transfer, self-drive, city tours, wedding car rentals, family vacations, safari tours and business transfers. So, get the companies that provide the exact service you want.

Go through the variety of cars that can be used for your purpose of travel. Car rental companies like 4×4 Tanzania and 4×4 Uganda have a wide range of car that can be used for travel but they are specific cars used for specific travelling get a car that can serve the reason for your travel and suits in your budget.

Find out the price rates that are charged for each of the available cars. This makes you know whether you can afford the car you wish to travel with or look for another option that best suits your budget.Nyerere International Airport Tanzania

Look at the price quotation of the car you are hiring. Make sure all the important items are included in the quotation like insurance, breakdown facilitation, the payment plan daily or hourly, taxes. Most of the time you the traveller you supposed to fill the fuel in the car when using it, know the price of the fuel in the area you are going to travel. Go in-depth and know the insurance the car has whether it covers all the damages that may occur while on the road

Know the model of payment you are going to use for acquiring the car hire service. Is it by cash or electronic payment? Also, get to know if the company needs a security deposit when using their car.

Finally, make a booking of the car you have selected to use while travelling and confirm the date and time you will be picking and return the car.

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