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How To Prepare for Rain While Camping in Uganda?

When going for an adventurous tour, the most critical aspect to consider is to be prepared. Even when your weather forecast application tells you that it is likely to be sunny during the period of your camping safari, know that the climate in Uganda is unpredictable. It can rain any time of the day regardless of the climatic season.

It is great to be prepared and pack some vital items so that your safari is not tumbled by climate changes for your safety and comfort.

Below are the significant things to consider when preparing for rain while camping in Uganda

  • Pack layered clothes

Regardless of the climate season, you are traveling, pack a raincoat and heavy layered clothes. The notable attires to bring are a waterproof jacket, sweater, fleece, scuff, woolen socks, and sweater. These will keep you warm when it rains and in the chilly cold evening and night weather.

  • Waterproof your tent

Ensure that the tour operator provides a waterproof tent with no leakage. The tents which are normally given to the campers are of the camp master, a renowned South African company. They are designed for all weathers and most clients never complain about them.

For more protection, you can carry a waterproofing spray or use a seam sealer to seal the edges and hinges of the tent to avoid water getting inside. Even without rain, sealer and spray keep the tent in great shape.

  • Pack a waterproof bag

You must get a waterproof pack to keep your essential things. Get two of them, the large one to keep food and the small one to keep your valuables such as a camera, phone, and many more. With waterproof bags, you will keep your belongings safe from getting damaged from wetness.

  • Covers

Covers normally known as tarps are always helpful around the camping around. They are useful particularly when it rains unexpectedly. Pack tarps to cover your tent, under it, and on the floor inside the tent to avoid sleeping on a wet surface. The tarp can also be used to cover your other things that are large and heavy to keep in the car or tent such as firewood.

  • Carry firewood

After rain or on a cold night, you may need something to warm you up. By making a campfire your day will be saved. You can as well prepare tea to keep your body warm.

Self drive and Camping in Uganda is such an interesting venture to take up because of the different outdoor activities involved. However, one of the things that can ruin the experience is the rain. The rain can impede the fun side of it. That’s why the above tips are useful to read and get familiar with if you are planning to go for a camping safari on your next vacation.

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