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Dos and Don’ts of Car hire Uganda

For starters, hiring a 4×4 car in Uganda is not simple. Aside from the costs, you need to consider a lot of things before endorsing the rental contract. For example, you have to ponder on the rental rates, insurance, fuel prices, insurance, and rules and regulations of using the vehicle.

In this article let’s discuss the popular dos and don’ts of hiring a car in Uganda.

  • Compare the prices

Car rental companies possess websites that permit you to look at their rates and compare. Though, ensure to know that the package is truly the ideal deal. Sometimes, the total costs shoot up if other charges such as hidden fees and taxes are added.

You may save some funds if you request a discount. Other than that, restraining extras and hiring a small car can enable you to save quite a lot of money. To dodge the extra charges, you are advised to pick up the car at the locations where the rental operator offers free pickups and drop-offs. You should also ensure that you return the vehicle at the agreed time in the contract. Lastly, do not accept prepaid gas refilling, do the refilling by yourself as you travel.

  • Reserve Your Rental Ahead of Time

When you book your rental earlier, you have room to make alternations in your rental packages such as the travel dates, rental period, or even a change of vehicle. More so, there is time for you to look at the different quotes from varied agencies, negotiate and get the most affordable deal. Such luxury is hard to find when you make a late car rental booking.

You need to rent a car when traveling around Uganda. But you need to know what kind of vehicle you need to book. There are lots of types of vehicles available for hire though not any kind may suit the nature of your travel. Request your rental operator to advise you on the perfect car rental to book for your travel expedition. For instance, safari travel requires a 4×4 rental that can scale through the gravel and rugged roads found within the national parks.

  • Don’t purchase extra Insurance

The possibility that your current insurance covers the rental car. This is now a routine policy for almost every insurance provider across Europe and America. Nonetheless, you must contact your insurer to confirm whether car rental is among the items covered under your policy. Still, you don’t have to pay for additional insurance because most car rental companies comprehensively insure their vehicles to cover for liabilities of the third party, collision damage waiver, and theft. This keeps you safe from meeting the damages that may happen to the vehicle while using it.

Be careful of Restrictions

You need to put in mind the restrictions as well. Most Uganda car rental agencies have no issue if you choose to drive around or beyond its borders to Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Though, you will have to inform the operator to arrange a letter or document permitting you to cross with the vehicle to the countries you wish to travel to. You are also required to pay COMESA fees at the border by the revenue authority.

  • Check the Car for Damage

You must check the car from all angles to make sure it doesn’t have any dents, scrapes, or dings. It’s a great idea to take pictures of the vehicle from all angles. If you notice any dents or dings, show them to the rental agent.

If you notice extensive damage, request another vehicle. It’s not a good idea to take a car without checking it. After all, you don’t want to end up paying for dents you didn’t cause.

In short, these are some do and don’ts that you need to take into account before renting a car in Uganda.

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