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Safety Tips For Driving In Hot Weather

Are you planning to go for a self-drive tour in East Africa? Have you ever driven under hot sunshine or you are planning to embark on your safari this coming dry season? Hiring a car for a self-drive safari in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania is remarkable, adventurous, and exciting and a few visitors have realized this rewarding experience.

It offers visitors a great opportunity to explore most of Uganda’s hidden treasures which locals only know. To self-drive in hot scorching sunshine needs you to plan for your journey adequately to meet this kind of weather.

While hiring a vehicle for your tour in the course of this weather, make sure that its design suits the current conditions that you will be driving. It should be well-serviced to avoid getting you complications while on your road trip through East Africa. Early in the morning, you can check its conditions to make sure that there are no issues with it before setting off for your tour.

You should be aware of what you are supposed to do if the car on use breaks down. And you should find out about this from the tour company that you will be dealing with otherwise, you will become stranded on the road without help. With 4×4 Tanzania, we connect you to a mechanic in a nearby town to fix your car on our bill. If it is a bigger issue that may take so long to be fixed, we send you another car.

Make sure that you have sunscreen; this should be among the top things on your packing list. This will help protect you from sunburn which would cause effects on your skin. You may also grab sunglasses, hats, and others.

Tire Pressure check and balancing

Tire Pressure Check and balancing

Cross-check the car tires before setting off for the actual trip. This should be done in the morning before you hit the road. Make sure that all tires are in good condition including air pressure.

Keep watch of the fuel gauge, for those of you, who are planning to have long safaris, make sure that your car is fully fueled, otherwise, most of the remotest areas where Uganda’s national parks are found don’t have gas stations and if you run short of gas/fuel, you will certainly suffer. You can even travel with extra fuel in your canister. 4×4 Tanzania provides an extra fuel canister for your safety.

Your phone should be charged and where possible come along with a charger or additional battery to avoid any power shortage. This is helpful, especially during emergency times and you want to call back the tour agency that you hired the car from. While on self-drive in Tanzania or any destination in East Africa is advisable that you keep in touch with the tour operator at all times.

Don’t forget to come with some drinks, before setting off for your safari make sure that you have grabbed some bottle of water for you to keep cooling your thirst a fact that it will be very hot and you will be losing much water. You can buy many and put them in a cooling box and you will save much as opposed to purchasing from the tourist site. If you rent a car from 4×4 Tanzania, we provide a car fridge to keep your drinks cold and fruits fresh.

The right way to jump-start a dead car battery

The right way to jump-start a dead car battery

Jumper cables are very important in case the car fails to start due to low battery. The Cables can save you when you are in the middle of nowhere, any car passing by can assist you to jump-start your dead car battery and drive to the nearby town to buy a new battery.

To jumpstart a dead car battery, connect one of the black clamps to the negative (-) post of the good battery, and the red clamp to the positive (+), and then start the car. Make sure the clamp is firmly connected to avoid sparking


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