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Easy to Hire a car for self drive trip in Uganda

4×4 Uganda Ltd is one of the leading car rental companies in Uganda offering self-drive car at affordable price. But the big question is that how can you reserve your car with 4×4 Uganda Ltd.

Everything starts with visiting the 4×4 Uganda website ( or visiting their offices in Nansana along Hoima road just 5km from Kampala city center.

I arrived in Uganda with my girlfriend when I don’t have any idea on how we will move around the country and we was hoping to use public means of transport like bus, train or local taxis. Unfortunately we found out that in Uganda there is no train system and even the public transport system is a bit chaotic and congested.

Even i got scared to use the public means and I had to request the friend at the lodge where I stayed in Entebbe (Viavia Guest House Entebbe) and asked him about the different options I can use to travel around the country. Doreen gave me the first option of using boda bod to travel around the city and told me that the main disadvantage it has is that boda boda is really risky because most of the boda boda riders in the city are careless in their way of riding motorcycle and there is high chances of getting accident on it.

Then we had to ask her weather there is another option apart from boda boda and she told me about the different car rental companies who always go at the lodge to meet their clients and she added that the most prominent ones are 4×4 Uganda Ltd, Road Trip Uganda and Self Drive Uganda. Then she advised us to check on the internet for the best offers on the market.

From there we just went back to our room, get on our computer and started searching for a self-drive car for rent at the cheap price in Uganda and we got a lot of options and different companies. We had to contact several of them and see which one is giving the best offers.

Among the companies we contacted was 4×4 Uganda Ltd. They were not the cheapest among the companies we contacted, but what attracted us to trust them is their policy. Everything was clear and promised that we don’t need credit card security and even they don’t charge for extra driver.

We chatted with Joseph for a while and asked us our program so that he can at least suggest for us the best car we can need. We had to tell him that we going for a safari around the country and we also had to visit Kidepo Valley National Park which is found in the far north eastern part of the country. Hearing that Joseph advised us that we need a really strong safari vehicle because roads to that side and in that park (Kidepo Valley National Park) are not in good shape and it needs a strong 4×4 vehicle.

Among the vehicles he told us included; Toyota land cruiser VX, GX, TZ and TZ and also added that they also have Nissan Patrol and Nissan Safari can also be perfect for such a long trip to the far north of the country. Among the photos they sent us Toyota Land Cruiser VX and we decided to get one with a roof top tent and camping equipment.

We were also worried about where we can camp in the national parks and Joseph was available to suggest for us the best camping sites in different national parks.

After everything was agreed on then we had to talk about how I will pay and where I have to pick the vehicle. I was told just to deposit 100$ to act as commitment fees so that my vehicle can be reserved, I was sent a link on which I had to feel my credit card details and paid 100$ because I was to receive the vehicle 4 days later. They gave me an option of them bringing the vehicle to me at Viavia Guest House, but I was not so sure about them keeping the time. So I decided to ask them the address of their offices so that I can pick the car myself.

On the day of picking the car, we just prepared in the morning with my girlfriend and we got a taxi cab and it drove us for 45km from Entebbe up to Nansana on Hoima Road where the 4×4 Uganda Ltd offices are found. Reaching there we found when everything is already sorted our camping gear was only in the car. We had just to read their agreement and terms then signed for the car everything was easy and smooth.

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