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What to do in case of rental car breaks down

Any vehicle can breakdown, even it can happen on a new car. In this post you are going to find out what you can do in case your rental vehicle stops working. Here are some of the steps to stay safe and get your excursion restarted as soon as possible.

Breakdowns aren’t simply irritating. They can be a real danger to everybody in the vehicle, and any individual who happens to be passing by. Here you will know how to stay safe if your rental vehicle breaks down.

Get to safety
In the event that your vehicle breaks down, the main thing you have to do is to get the vehicle out of the way of traffic. In case there’s a hard shoulder or parking area you can maneuver into, better. In case there isn’t, pull over off the road to the extent you can.

Put the hazard lights on and get everybody out of the vehicle, using the doors facing away from far from the road.

Then after put the warning reflector triangle no less than 50 meters behind and in front your vehicle in case you’re on a motorway’s hard shoulder.

In the car stops in the road, get some people passing by to help you push the vehicle out of the road and then put the warning reflective triangles.

Get help
After putting the car in the safe place and everyone is safe as possible, the following stage is to call the car rental agency for help. Most car rental agencies give a phone number for roadside assistance (despite the fact that, some rental companies will charge you for it thereafter, depending on what’s turned out badly). Check your car rental agreement for the number to call.

The rental company will ask you some questions and the main will be asking you where you and in few hours if the damage in not much they will send a mechanic to fix the vehicle and then you resume with your trip. If the vehicle can be fixed in a reasonable time, the rental company will organize send you a replacement vehicle and then you will continue with your trip and they fix your vehicle.

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