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What if I take my rental car back late?

Some rental agencies in Tanzania sometimes charge lateness expenses if you drop the vehicle off after the time you were supposed to return it. In this post you’re going to know what to do in case you’re late returning your hired vehicle late, and the amount you may be charged.

It happens easily enough: you stall out in traffic and acknowledge you won’t make it to the rental counter or the agreed destination to drop your vehicle off on time. The car rental agency will sometimes give you a concise ‘grace period’, however then they may charge you for a whole extra day as well as an additional expense for dropping your vehicle later than anticipated.

What if you’re running late to return the car?
The first think to think about is calling the car rental agency to inform them that you going to delay for some minutes. You will find the company number on the paperwork they gave you when you were picking up the car. Some car rental agencies in Tanzania like 4×4 Tanzania Ltd will not charge you for delay which is less than 24 hours. You will just have to call some hours before and tell them about your delay and the time you expecting to reach at the garage or agreed destination.

How late can you be without being charged?
Apart from 4×4 Tanzania Ltd which can give you a grace period of about 5 hours, most car rental agencies have a grace period, which varies from 1hour to 2hours. This period always begins from the time you agreed to drop off the vehicle when you was signing the rental agreement.

Once the grace period is finished, some car rental agencies will charge you a penalty for being late, and charge you for any additional time that you’ve had the vehicle. Most car rental companies charge per hour depending on the type of the car and rate they charged you.

Check your auto’s Terms and conditions to know the grace period for your rental.

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