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The meaning of Unlimited & Limited Mileage per day means in car rental

People are astonished to find that some auto rental deals with a limited number of miles or kilometers included. Driving further than the limit will mean paying an additional charge. Find how to get the best choice for your excursion.

In case your rental arrangement has limited mileage, you’ll have a fixed number of miles or kilometers incorporated into the arrangement. You’ll be charged for every additional miles or kilometers you drive over the limit. In case your car rental has unlimited mileage (likewise called ‘free mileage’), you’ll be allowed to drive as far as you want in your hire car.

In most countries in Africa, rental companies offer deals with both limited and free mileage. Some rental agencies like those operating in only city centers offers limited mileages, and others only like 4×4 Tanzania Ltd, 4×4 Uganda Ltd, 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd offers only free millage and they can only offers you limited mileage only when you booking a car for hours because their limited mileage offer always the price includes fuel.

Limited mileage

When is limited mileage offer a perfect option?
These offers are always cheaper than those free mileages. So in case you have only hours in the city and not expecting to drive far, you could save money.
Limited mileage can be a smart idea in case, for instance, you drive just from the airport to your hotel, and afterward from your hotel to the beach a couple of miles away.

It’s constantly worth comparing the costs however, so you can be certain about what’s best for you. Going over a mileage breaking point will cost you cash, so it merits doing an estimation of how far you think you’ll travel (using online maps for instance) before you choose.

What’s the limit?

The mileage limits always vary by rental agency. They go from around 40km or 30 miles every day to 400km or 250miles every day.

Before you travel, you can find out the number km/miles your arrangement includes in the Terms and Conditions of your booking – you ought to be able to check these before and after you book online.

On your trip, it merits asking the person who delivers the vehicle to you or the counter staff about any limit when you pick up the car. In case you want to check your mileage limit while you have the vehicle, the rental agreement you signed at the counter or when the agent from the rental company delivered the vehicle to you will show you the number of miles incorporated into your arrangement.

The terms and conditions always shows the mileage limit as a day by day amount, yet how you utilize those miles over your trip is dependent upon you. The rental agency will just check the aggregate number of miles you’ve driven toward the end of your rental, so you’re free to use your total limit anyway you choose within your trip.

How do you know how far you’ve driven?
In the event that you need to check where you’re at, you take a look at your rental agreement. One of these should show you the mileage of the vehicle on the odometer before you picked it up. You’ll have the details of your excursion’s mileage allowance on the rental agreement. Contrast these two to check how far you have gone.

Unlimited mileage / free mileage

This is the best option for your rental in case you’re planning to drive a lot, or simply aren’t sure how far you’ll go. This mostly works for tourists who are planning to explore different destination for the first time. So in case you planning to go in a foreign country as a self drive tourists don’t think of booking a car with limited mileage because it will be a bit expensive for you and you will not enjoy your trip freely.

How might I get the right mileage for my rental?
In case you booked the vehicle in advance, you should see what mileage is incorporated into every vehicle deal before you book. In the event that you have already booked the vehicle and you’re uncertain what the mileage deal is, check your terms and conditions or ask the counter staff when you pick up the car.

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