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How to calculate your free mileage when renting a car

In most countries there are free mileages (unlimited mileages) and there are no limitations to the number of kilometers you can cover during your rental period.

On the most tourist areas, for example, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Uganda the rental vehicles will regularly be with free mileage.

In small and less known nations it is extremely unusual to find a rental vehicle with limited mileage. Auto rental with limited mileage are popular in bigger countries like United States, Spain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom.

Generally, just the luxury and premium car models are with limited mileage, yet now and again all rental classes of vehicles can be found with a set free allocation of kilometers incorporated into the rate – and everything over that limit to be charged moreover.

Is there a charge to pay for extra miles in Tanzania?
Most car rental companies in Kampala offer cars with unlimited mileage.
Be that as it may, once in a while, you may find offers with a limit of 150 km or 250 km per day, before every kilometer is charged. For this situation, you can usually just pick another offer from another rental agency.

What does unlimited mileage mean?
When you hire a vehicle with reeditions mileage the number of miles kilometers will be incorporated into the total cost. In the event that you drive more than the stipulate kilometer, you will be charged for every kilometer above the limit.

Some auto rental companies stipulate an x number miles for each day. In the event that you have hired a vehicle for a period of 5 days with a 100mile limited mileage, you can drive a total of 500miles during your rental period with no extra charge.

In the event that you hire a vehicle with mileage limitations of a specific number of free kilometers, it doesn’t affect the calculation when in the rental period, the miles are done. It is the total number of free miles that is vital to choose if there is any additional charge. The charge for surplus kilometers (in the event of a limited number of free miles) will always be written in rental terms and conditions.

It is a perfect idea to read and understand the car rental terms and conditions before reserving a car rental vehicle so that any mileage restriction does not come as a surprise.

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