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Hiring a car for self-drive trip in Uganda

Where to Hire From?

Most of the tour operators in Uganda will almost certainly organize a safari car and driver for you, as too will most hotels in the country. Be that as it may, in case anything turns out badly, (for example, the vehicle breaking down or misconceptions), you’ll need the company to be responsible for it and not the driver. Rates from accommodation facilities will likewise be more costly. Henceforth, it’s perfect to book through a trustworthy tour operator. These companies will likewise arrange the accommodation and tour guide if important. Most visitors to Uganda begin their safaris from Entebbe and head to the western part of the country, so these destinations have numerous choices. Make sure to do a lot of research and make comparisons to choose what suits you best. Fair independent drivers with their own vehicles do exist. You’ll need the correct contacts to find them, however.

There Does the Driver Eat and Sleep?

The drivers are always paid a daily allowance of about 30 to 40$ per day by the clients to take care of the expense of their food and lodging. Some accommodation facilities in the country offer separate housing specifically for drivers. Be that as it may, drivers will normally sleep in their vehicles to save some money.

Foreign visitors who are used to equality regularly feel that their drivers ought to feast with them, particularly during lunch in case they’re on the road. This isn’t rare in Uganda however. Drivers have their favored places to eat, and they may not feel comfortable joining you for social reasons. It doesn’t hurt to ask, however. Simply don’t be shocked in case they are hesitant to acknowledge the invitation.

Tipping the Driver

Tipping a driver is not compulsory, but it’s necessary to motivate your driver, the amount you have to tip the driver always depend on how happy you are with his/her services.

What to Keep in Mind

The state of the roads in the country is variable and can be poor in some areas. It might take you longer to reach where you going than expected, so do contemplate this when arranging you’re safari itinerary and permit a lot of time. Don’t generally trust the travel times shown by Google Maps!

On the off chance that comfort is a factor, it merits paying more to get a better vehicle, for example, an open Toyota Land Cruiser or Nisan Patrol. Some roads in upcountry tend to be bumpy and the lack of good suspension in the car can cause discomfort. Furthermore, most tourists prefer choosing an air-conditioned vehicle as roads can be dusty and hot weather.

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